EAM Solutions Group, LLC is a full service IT Firm.  Our team of IT and Security professionals possess the technical and managerial expertise required to support Federal, State, Commercial, Medical, Financial and Non-Profit clients.  EAM Solutions Group, LLC. specializes in designing scaleable IT and Cyber Security solutions.  Our team is process driven while remaining security focused targeting core business functions and organizational goals, both strategic and long term.

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It’s the process to identify security vulnerabilities in an application by evaluating the system or network with various malicious techniques.

Managed IT Services

The practice of outsourcing the responsibility for maintaining,  functions in order to improve operations and cut expenses

Community & Families

We are focused on developing the communities in the areas we serve.  We assist in the education of youth around STEM and Life skills.


Over the past 4 years, we have had a monthly service agreement with EAM and the service has been impeccable and quick.  When you are doing people’s paychecks or tax returns, time is always of the essence.

Donna Barkwick
Managing Partner Barwick CPAs


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Security Services adds value to an organization enabling them to grow as an inter-connected entity that is better able to withstand risk.  To that end, we at EAM Solutions Group, LLC is in the business of holistically helping entities reduce their risk by weaving security into every aspect of the business

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