Security is interwoven throughout an organizations’ governance structure---not one department is able to evade security in any way.  Therefore, security adds value to an organization enabling the organizational structure to grow as an inter-connected entity that is better able to withstand risk.  To that end, we at EAM Solutions Group, LLC are in the business of holistically helping entities reduce their risk by weaving security into every aspect of the business

The landscape and complexity of security has changed tremendously..  EAM has developed a Cyber Security program called VET-CYBER.  VET-CYBER teams are led by cyber security professionals and  prior military veterans who possess the knowledge of required tactical skills to eradicate threats & possible vulnerabilities.  VET-CYBER is comprised of three teams.  Each team represents the desired level of security and response that a specific client is in search of:

  • SWAT TEAM-  Reactive/Defensive(Threat Extraction) Focused. Removal of Threats and possible hacks. Identification and Investigation of root cause of possible threat/vulnerability, Security Tools, 4Phased Approach to Security, Tactical Approach to Security.

  • SEAL TEAM-  Offensive/Defensive Focused. Customized Security Solutions & Tools, and Full Mitigation Strategy Deployment, Continuous Monitoring, S2EM, Combines actives of SWAT/RECON.

  • RECON TEAM- Proactive/Defensive Focused. Assessment of  Current Polices, Hardware, and Software. Build Recommendations/Strategic Planning (vulnerability road mapping), 4Phased Approach to Security.




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