Threats are constantly on the rise and the bad actors are always looking for a way in.  EAM Solutions Group understands those threats and the importance of keeping your critical data safe. 


EAM Solutions Group will work with our customers to identify the nature and extent of an incident. Our goal is to build a mitigation strategy as quickly as possible.  Our Vet-Cyber staff takes a tactical approach to every IR (incident response) case. Our staff is trained in threat hunting and digital forensics. 


Vet-Cyber digital forensics staff can assist in the recovery of deleted files such as documents, PDFs, movies and photos. In addition to the recovery of deleted content from digital storage media we can also:

  • Extract data from databases, obtain emails from mail servers and reconstruct events from log files.

  • Analyze unallocated space on hard drives to locate hidden files and construct event timelines.

  • Acquire data from virtually any type of digital media including hard drives, backup tapes, CD-ROM, floppy disks, and portable USB drives.

  • Analyze internet usage including dates and times, websites visited and the files that were downloaded.