IT Services


EAM Solutions Group partnered with SolarWinds RMM to have the ability to supply and provide enterprise level IT Support and Monitoring to all our customers of any size.  As a MSP, EAM provides the following services:

  • Out-of-the-box monitoring templates

  • Fast, safe remote access

  • Patch management

  • Managed antivirus

  • Web protection

  • Data-breach risk intelligence

  • Backup and recovery

SolarWinds RMM is a cloud-based remote monitoring and management solution that helps uis deliver valuable IT services within hours, not weeks or months.  EAM has clear dashboards place alerts front and center, and built-in remote access and security features help you support and protect customers from day one

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What Does This Mean for Your Business

As our customer you rely on us to be available when an outage occurs. Any downtime in your business requires all-hands to troubleshoot and resolve IT Business challenges as quickly as possible. Our monitoring within RMM helps us to move away from reactive support to a proactive model by being ahead of your business needs. This allows EAM to move you as customer into a more proactive, managed services model. We know critical issues impacting your end-users' performance, connectivity, or the applications they rely on ahead of time—and work proactively to fix them without a minute of customer downtime.